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Lalor Gardens Primary School is a new school developed from a merger between Lalor West PS and Lalor Park PS at the beginning of 2010. Relocation from the Linoak Avenue site to the new school site at 134 Kingsway Drive was completed on July 16, 2012. Lalor Gardens PS is committed to providing excellence in educational provision to ensure improved student learning outcomes.

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Lalor Gardens Primary School was officially registered as a new school from the beginning of 2010, being the result of a merger between Lalor West PS and Lalor Park PS.
The new school has a variety of spaces to accommodate a variety of learning styles; to provide for a variety of group sizes; and to allow for individual and self-directed learning as well. The facilities provide flexibility for the customisation of the curriculum to meet individual students' needs and increased staff collaboration.
The school is organised into four learning neighbourhoods - Prep, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 with team leaders overseeing the administrative processes of the team, leading the Professional Learning Team meetings and working with teams of teachers to improve student achievement.
A major part of the role of the Principal and Assistant Principal is to develop consistency of curriculum provision in these areas, improve student achievement and work with teachers to continually improve their practice through mentoring and/or coaching, coordinating the weekly and term planning sessions and visiting classrooms on a regular basis, providing feedback to teachers on high level common teaching practices that will result in sustained student achievement over the next three years in line with the school’s Strategic and Annual Implementation Plan targets.
The Principal, Assistant Principal and Team Leaders drive curriculum development, provision, evaluation and reform to ensure Lalor Gardens PS is at the forefront of educational excellence in the third millennium.

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