Welcome to LalorGardens Primary School

Lalor Gardens Primary School is a new school developed from a merger between Lalor West PS and Lalor Park PS at the beginning of 2010. Relocation from the Linoak Avenue site to the new school site at 134 Kingsway Drive was completed on July 16, 2012. Lalor Gardens PS is committed to providing excellence in educational provision to ensure improved student learning outcomes.

The school’s Student Family Occupation Index is 0.6882 with 60% of families in receipt of the Educational Maintenance Allowance. This SFO index determines that student achievement will generally fall within the lowest 10 – 20% of the state population. The student population in both schools over the past 10 years has continued to change from second generation European migrant families to Arabic and Asian families with an increasing number of Pacific Islander families and well as an increasing number of refugee families. Given that these families are first generation migrants, the majority of students who enrol in Prep year have little or no English and many have not had any pre-school education.

The community in general does not become involved within the life of the school, however, they maintain high expectations of success for their children and will readily attend whole school and/or grade level extra-curricular activities. Given the changes to the student population, the school has aligned our pedagogical practices to the Northern Metropolitan Region Improvement Strategy to ensure that ESL students (78%), students who have family mobility issues and students with disabilities and impairments achieve significant learning outcomes. As such the school utilises the $438,000 equity funding in from the school’s global budget to support improved student learning and achievement. This includes the provision of excellent educational opportunities for our students with disabilities and impairments through a comprehensive support program for these students. The school enrolment of 345 is expected continue to increase with the new students enrolling from the newly established estates of Carlingford and Mosaic. Staffing at the school reflects a mix between young and more experienced teachers and support staff in both Administration and the disabilities and impairments program.

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