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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 9th June 2016 Issue 17
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
Revision of Empathy Topics
The Blooming Great Kids Program at Lalor Gardens aligns the topics to our School Values. Under the Empathy Topic, students have been learning about:
• Bullying
• Including Others, Playing Together and Taking Turns
• Sharing
• Good Winner and Good Losers
We know that Bullying can happen anywhere in schools, homes, workplaces,
social and sporting clubs to name a few. It can happen between children, be-
tween adults and even between adults and children. Adults and children need to be aware of what
bullying Is and Isn’t but always be prepared to take a stand against bullying. Standing by and watching is tantamount to being a bully. We need to show our empathy to others who are bullied and report instances of suspected bullying to
the appropriate people. Including Others, Playing Together, Taking
Turns, Sharing, and Being Good Winners and Losers demonstrate that we are re-
sponsible citizens and that we consider the feelings of others in all our words and
actions. Make sure you make a special effort to demonstrate your empathy with each other during this week.
Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday June 21 from 12.00 till 8.00 pm. Notices have gone home today. Please ensure you complete your request for times and return the form to the teacher as soon as possible to enable you to get your first choice. This will also enable the school to coordinate the times with a variety of teachers if you have more than one child at the school. Interpret- ers will be available if you require them. Please indicate this on the form as well. Student Achieve- ment reports will be sent home on the Monday to enable you to read them prior to the interview. This is an important way to connect with your child and the school and learn about your child’s achieve- ments.
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*

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