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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 14th July 2016 Issue 20
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
BLOOMING GREAT KIDS TERM 3 TOPIC 22 Learning Topics—Being Assertive
Being ASSERTIVE means standing up for yourself. The best way to do this when you feel under pressure is to tell the person(s) to stop annoying you or firmly ignore their behaviour and walk away. Speak in a firm but not angry voice. Look at the person(s) directly but not in a threatening way. Stay in control of yourself. If you are not assertive then the following things can happen to you:
You will give into others when you do not want to
You will let other people continue to do bad things to you
You will talk quietly and mumble or speak hesitantly when under pressure
You will cry or sulk or sob without trying to deal with the problem yourself first You will look down at the ground when you are speaking
You will stand small, as if you are trying to hide.
At different times, people find it hard to resist pressure from others to do things they don’t really want to or things which are mean, wrong and dangerous. We all need to practise Being Assertive and explain how w feel and think confidently and calmly, but still remaining friendly and firm.
Home Learning (homework) always generates lots of discussion and parents generally have
very strong feelings about it and the amount and type of homework that children should complete. The Education and Training Committee of the Parliament of Victoria completed
an inquiry into the approaches to homework in Victorian Schools that was published in August 2014. This forms the basis of Home Learning at Lalor Gardens PS. The home learning activities provided to children at LGPS enable students to take control of their learning through the variety of homework activities that they choose to complete. They are aligned to Goleman’s Multiple In- telligences and the Thinking Curriculum. The activities are used to develop over time the capacity of students to prepare themselves for secondary school and beyond. The days of worksheets that are really busy work are no longer applicable and research shows, do nothing to support student learning while the use technology and homework clubs are key factors in supporting students. At Lalor Gardens PS we provide access to Schoolbro and Oxford for students to further explore their learning online at home. We also provide homework clubs in each area to assist students who need help or are experiencing difficulties. The middle pages of this newsletter contain the key findings of the committee and are very informative.
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*
Anne T Hulett

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