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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 18th August 2016 Issue 25
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
BLOOMING GREAT KIDS TERM 3 TOPIC 27 Resilience Topics—Who Can Help Me
From time to time we all need some help. It might be a problem we are having with our school work, with our friends, perhaps even something at home. Sometimes it is possible to deal with a problem ourselves but at oth- er times it is good to have someone to help solve the problem. A whole range of people can help us. Some we know well but sometimes help may
come from someone we do not know so well. One of the best things we can do is to choose the right person to help with the problem. At school you might choose to ask your teacher for help or perhaps another staff member or even a friend. You might even feel you need to ask the Principal or another teacher at the school. Friends are often good helpers as well, but remember your friends are usually the same age as you and they might not be
about to help with all the things you need. Of course, family are great helpers. Discussing a problem with your Mum or Dad, brother or sister or even anoth- er relative can be useful. There are many people who can help us. The trick is choosing the right person at the right time. And remember, no matter what the problem THERE IS NO PROBLEM THAT IS TOO BIG that you cannot talk to someone about.
As my office faces Kingsway Drive, I have a very good view of the issues that arise when parents drop off or pick up their children.
I am still seeing parents parking too close to the crossing—20 metres distance from each end of the crossing must be observed. Parents are still getting their children to walk across the road when the school crossing is only about 5—10 metres away. This is very dangerous even when the parent is crossing the road with the children. This is very dangerous even when the parent is crossing the road with the children.
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*

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