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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 21st August 2014 Issue 26
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
Many people have great difficulty saying “NO” to others. Even people who are quite assertive in other situations find themselves saying “YES” to things that they don’t really want to do.
If you say “YES” when you really mean “NO”, resentment and anger can build up towards the person you have said “YES” to even though they have done nothing wrong. You can also become increasingly frustrated and disappointed with yourself.
Sometimes people find it hard to resist pressure from others to do:
• Things they don’t really want to
• Things which are mean, wrong and dangerous
We all need to practise Saying No confidently and calmly, but still remaining friendly and firm. Some important
Dos and Don’ts of Saying NO are: Dos:
• Look the person in the eye
• Tell them you do not want to do it
• Briefly say why (eg No I want to do something else after school)
• If it is a mean thing or against the rules or dangerous, point out the consequences eg (No it’s
too risky, No it’s against the rules, No, that’s mean)
• Sometimes you may want to thank them for including you so you could say (Thanks anyway but
not this time)
• Keep your tone of voice and expression calm and friendly
• Continue to calmly say NO even if they keep asking you. Try not to get angry Don’ts:
• Don’t look away or down at the ground
• Don’t say Yes just so they will like you
• Don’t say Yes because you are scared that they will do bad things to you or say bad things about
• If what they ask you to do is mean, dangerous or against the rules do not give them a lecture
about it
• Don’t get angry or upset .
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*
Principal : Anne Hule School Phone No.: 9465 1351 www.lalorgardensps.vic.edu.au

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