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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 23rd June 2016 Issue 19
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
BLOOMING GREAT KIDS TERM 3 TOPIC 21 Learning Topics—Being Positive
Being positive is a great attitude to have. People enjoy being around positive people. Positive people do positive things. They take responsible chances. They try their best. They don’t give up and they make the most of every situation good or bad. They enjoy most of what they do and help others to have a good time as well. Certainly at times we need to look at the bad or the dangerous side of things and take them into consideration when making our decisions. However, we do not get car- ried away with all the bad things. It is important to enjoy the situation you are in and try to look at each one positively, even when things are difficult. If nothing else, a tough situation will help you to learn about how well you cope with hard times, and you might be able to plan better for next time. For students this includes something new they are learning at school.
For adults it can be how to best cope in these tough economic times. It may be staying
positive when hearing bad news eg sickness of a relative, a car accident, even losing one’s
job. Be positive and persevere not only in the good time but when things get difficult. This
positive attitude will help you solve the problems involved. Smiling is a good way to stay positive as this affects the people around you and you will become more positive as a result as well.
Exciting news for next term
Next term Lalor Gardens will be having our first ever concert. It will be held on September 1 at La Trobe University Hall. We are all very excited about this upcoming event and Bev Guest our Performing Arts teacher has already started preparing for the event. This has included:
• Organising the whole school song with AUSLAN signing
• Videoing of the performance which will then be available for purchase
• Getting Grades to decide on their item
More news about the event will be in the newsletter next term. This is advance news so that you can mark the date on your calendar!!!
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*

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