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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 25th August 2016 Issue 26
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
Revision of Resilience Topics
Having a Go and Seeing Things Through and Who Can Help Me
This week, we are revising our Resilience Topics of Having a Go/Seeing Things Through and Who Can Help me. These topics are very closely aligned with the Learning Topics of Confidence, Being Positive, Setting Goals. If we never ask for help when we need it and never persist with our learning and work hard to achieve the results we want then we will not develop a positive approach to our learning and life and our confidence will decrease to the
point where we won’t even have a go at new challenges and therefore will not make any progress to achieving our goals. Next week don’t just focus on the Resilience topics. Demonstrate the learning ones as well to be the best you can be.
We are within three weeks of the end of term 3 and it is important all our community members be mindful of behaviour expectations. I am extremely proud of the overall positive behaviour demonstrat- ed by the vast majority of our students. However, there are times when a small number of students disrupt the learning of all the other students and/or are not compliant with reasonable teacher re- quests or even deliberately disobey school rules that are designed to ensure the safety and learning of everyone in the school. There are a few children who also think it is okay to demonstrate violence against each other. I remind all parents that the school will not tolerate any violence and students who demonstrate such behaviour will be suspended. The school thoroughly investigates all issues so that we know what actually happened. Whether or not your child is the initial perpetrator or fights back is totally unacceptable. Violence is DEFINITELY NOT the answer to solving problems. I wish to thank the 99% of students who always do the right thing and express their thoughts, feelings and actions in a positive manner.
In addition, when parents have a concern about their child, it is important to remember that all staff are here to help and sort out the issues. Yelling at and being abusive to staff who are trying to help is unfair and will also not be tolerated. The school has adopted the Department of Education’s PRO- MOTING A HEALTHY, SAFE AND RESPECTFUL SCHOOL COMMUNITY
This document clearly outlines the expectations of the behaviour of all members of the community in- cluding parents and carers. Expectations of students and parents are outlined on the next page. School Council endorsed this document earlier this year.
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*

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