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Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 31st July 2014 Issue 23
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
Having A Go
Having a Go is one of the best attitudes anyone can have. Having a go means trying something that you
may not have tried before or even trying something that you think you might not be good at. It might
be a new sport or a new game or a new skill you are learning at school. It may be getting to know a new
student at school or being part of a group. Having a go works best if you continue to try something
even when it is hard or it does not work out the first time. But be careful. Having a go does not mean being reckless or careless. It does not mean putting yourself or anyone else in danger. Always have a think about what you are going to have a go at. If you think that it is a suitable thing to have a go at, then go for it. Having a Go means persisting until you get the skills to do something without even thinking about it.
Seeing Things Through
There are few more admired qualities in people than perseverance and that means Seeing Things Through to the end. So many great people have this quality and it is one we call all aim for. Seeing things through means sticking at something until it is finished – until the job is done. It means that you actual-
ly have to try hard when things get difficult and don’t give up. It may mean that you have to get someone to help you. You may have to try to do things in different ways from what you are used to. Mostly it means that you stick with what you set out to achieve until you are happy with the result. Good Luck.
This is an important reminder that Parent Opinion Surveys are due back on Monday August 4.
I am always proud to show prospective parents around the school because of the strength of the partner- ships between home and school that are demonstrated every day through:
∗ Excellent teaching and learning programs we offer
∗ Dedicated staff whose prime concern is the welfare and achievement of our students
∗ Student behaviour within the classroom
∗ Student friendliness towards new students and visitors to the school
Issues that may arise from time to time need to be dealt with speedily and efficiently so that they do not disrupt the excellent relationships that we maintain. I would hope that if you or your child has an issue that needs to be resolved at any time that you approach the classroom teacher or the Team Leader not the child or the child’s parent. Very seri- ous issues should be directed to Cassy Hoggins or myself. All our staff are approachable and will deal with any con- cerns in a professional, ethical and confidential manner. The office staff (Janet, Diane, and Julie ) are also there to assist you with any queries you may have.
Anne T Hulett
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*
Principal : Anne Hule School Phone No.: 9465 1351 www.lalorgardensps.vic.edu.au

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