Transition | Kinder to Foundation

At Lalor Gardens Primary School we invite the local kindergartens to visit our school for a tour, story and activities early in the year. We welcome new families to visit our school for a tour with our Principal where they will see the learning spaces, teachers and have their questions answered about our school curriculum approach and programs. Selected student leaders in year 4 and 5 visit kindergartens with our Foundation teachers to build connections with the children and help develop relationships to create a smoother transition to a new environment. In Term 4, we offer an 8 week Pre-Foundation program where students attend school for 1 hour each week. During the program they meet their peers and teachers for the following year, become familiar with the school environment and participate in Letter and Sound activities to prepare them for their learning next year. During this time we offer parent information sessions to welcome families to the school and prepare them for their child’s first year of school. We share learning ideas, strategies and resources for families and educators to work together to achieve the best outcomes for every student.